High Velocity Organization coaching and training
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How Value At Work can help you and your organization

Operational Excellence

  • Improve performance in your organization
  • Utilize your teams potential
  • Minimize complexity


  • A changing future needs innovation in high gear
  • Organize for innovation
  • Discovering opportunities

Lead change

  • Diagnose your organizational culture
  • Manage uncertainty and change
  • How to coach others

By working together in your day-to-day operations we will help to improve,innovate and renew your ways of working and thus create space for growth and creativity. Together we will find sustainable solutions help you to make them reality.

We are passionate about systems thinking, i.e. to see how the whole system behaves and what it’s emergent properties are. We work from three perspectives:Man, Technology and Organization. We often work in roles like coaches, facilitators and experts. We are looking for clients whom are aiming for long term development of organizational capabilities and whom is passionate about Improvement and Innovation.

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